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Hongkong: (Headquarter)
TEL : +852 2891 6120 
FAX : +852 2891 6775
Email : saleshk@tysaco.com
TEL : +86 0755 6169 3019
FAX : +86 0755 8340 5584
Email : salessz@tysaco.com


      Nowadays it is crucial for a company or an EMS to have convenient access to global resources, especially China resources. However, unlike large corporations, most small and mid-sized companies cannot afford global offices. Without direct access, is there a trustworthy way for a company to gain convenient access? Surely there are plenty of marketing messages come directly from abroad, but how willing are you to risk your company with a total stranger in a different country with different cultural background?

      Tysaco (HK) Industrial Limited is headquartered in Hongkong and branched in China and Europe. Our managers were brought up and highly educated in China or Europe with electronic industrial experience. We understand the different cultures and know how to commingle them. With almost 15 years of cross cultural management experience on Consumer – Electronics and wireless system design and manufacturing, we have established smooth international operation process with our partnered companies in China.


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