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Same Day Prototype   SMT Minimum Pad Spacing .002”
Prototype to Production   Line to SMT Minimum Space .004”
Prototype to Production   Minimum Solder mask Rib .004”
Fast Turn Production    
Single / Double / Multi-Layer   SURFACE FINISH:
Up to 34 Layers   HASL Minimum Thickness .0015”
Controlled Impedance   HASL Maximum Thickness .030”
Selective and Bondable Gold   Electrolytic Hard Gold Max. Thickness 50 u. in.
Tab and Route   Electrolytic Soft Gold Max. Thickness 30 u. in.
Scored Panels   Electro less Gold Maximum Thickness 30 u. in.
Blind and Buried Vias   Immersion Gold Thickness 2-5 u. in.
Electrical Testing   Immersion Silver Thickness 3-4 u. in.
UL Approved   Immersion Tin Thickness 10-30 u. in.
    Entek (OSP) Co-Planarity = Copper Plate
Minimum Line Width .003”   FR-4 Standard Multifunctional 130 Tg
Minimum Space .003“   FR-4 High 170 Tg
Min. Space, PCB Edge to Conductor .010”   Getek 170 Tg
Layer-to-Layer Registration +/- .005“   NAN-YA NPG-R/NPG-TL
Maximum Finished PCB Thickness .300”   ISOLA 410
Board Thickness Tolerance +/- 10%   Rogers
Minimum Dielectric Thickness .0025“   Thermal Clad (including Aluminum Bonding)
Maximum Number of Layers 40   Nelco 4000-13 160 Tg (Call for information)
Maximum Copper Weight 6 oz.   Allied 408 180 Tg (Call for information)
    Polyimide 230 Tg (Call for information)
DRILLING CAPABILITIES:   BT Epoxy 180 Tg (Call for information)
Minimum Plated Hole Size (Finished) .004”   Teflon (Call for information)
Tolerance - Plated Hole Size +/- .003”   Taconic (Call for information)
Machine Minimum Drill Hole Size .008”   Arlon (Call for information)
Laser Minimum Drill Hole Size .005”   Others including Flex (Call for information)
Maximum Aspect Ratio 9:1   RoHS Compliant / Lead Free Assembly
Production Capacity :   Lead time :
Total Output 630k sq. ft / month   Production standard Lead Time
Double - Sided 250k sq. ft / month  

Sample Double – Sided 5 working days
Multilayer    7-10 working days

Multi - layer 300k sq. ft / month  

Small Quantity      Double – Sided 7 working days
Multilayer     10-12 working days

Rigid PCB 550k sq. ft / month  

Mass Production   Double – Sided 10 working days
Multilayer     15 working days

Flex & Rigid-flex PCB 80k sq. ft / month    Flex PCB              7-10 working days
Capability: 4000 types/month   Rigid-Flex              14-21 working days
On time delivery rate: 97.6%   Quick turn lead time
Quick Response One-hour quotation   Double Sided:     24 hours
Two-hour complaint feedback   4 Layers:             48 hours
7-24 hours technical support   6 Layers:             60 hours
7-24hours order service   8 Layers:             72 hours
24 hours delivery    

Delivery terms
In order to ensure goods could be shipped out in the most economical and convenient way,the following delivery solutions are usually proposed by our professional logistics.

  • DDU by Express:
    Simple, convenient, fastest, door to door service;
    It is an ideal choice for the weight of cargoes is below 60kg.
  • FCA HK for Air transportation
    Fast and convenient;
    For the weight between 60KG to 500kg.
  • FCA HK for Marine transportation
    Low charge, no restriction on weight and volume, but it is long shipping time;
    It is an ideal way if the boards are above 500kg.
  • FOB HK:
    It is always required to customers who have their own freight forwarder in Hong Kong

    Inspection Equipment




    Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)


    Solder Paste Thickness Inspector





    X-Ray Inspector   LCR Inspector    




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